Physical Share Related Services

The Money Roller is one stop solution for all the physical share related services.

Historically physical share related work has been a blood sucking hassle to the  shareholder due to cumbersome processes attached with it. For the same reason shareholders refrain from processing their shares. This is a crime because investor are keeping themselves away from a great financial profit wind fall( in most of the cases)

At this point The Money Roller comes into the picture. We provide door step services to all our clients in this physical shares’ space. Clients just have to explain their situation to us and that’s it.  While you are busy in making a dent in the universe, we will do whatever it takes to process your physical shares.

Our Services:

  1. Physical Share Transfer
  2. Physical Share Name deletion and Transmission
  3. Physical Share Transposition(Interchanging the order of names)
  4. Physical share Nomination
  5. Physical shares portfolio’s Amalgamation/Consolidation
  6. Physical share name change/address change
  7. Issue of new securities
  8. Physical share to Demat
  9. Loss of Securities

And many more…

Just pick up the phone and call, it doesn’t take more than that!!!


A.What is Transmission?

The process of deleting a deceased person’s name from the Company’s records as well as from the certificates is called Transmission.

B.What is Consolidation?
The process by which a single certificate is issued in lieu of multiple share certificates of smaller denominations is submitted by the investor is called Consolidation. The denomination of the single certificate issued will be the sum of the smaller denominations of the multiple certificates, provided they are under the same folio.

C.What is Amalgamation?
The process by which an investor can merge the holdings of multiple folios (provided the names are identical and are in same order) into a single folio is called Amalgamation.

D.What is a Split?
The process by which multiple certificates are issued in lieu of a single certificate is called Split. The sum of the denominations of the multiple certificates issued will be that of the single certificate

G.What is Dematerialization?
This is a process whereby the holdings held in physical form are converted to Electronic form

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