You can trade from anywhere in the world with just a basic laptop and internet connection! This knowledge if applied properly can enable you to live the life of your dreams and create a source of income that is larger than any primary source of income that you have!

The knowledge that you stand to gain  will enable you to trade across all of the above markets, whereby your income will not be dependent on just one market, your positions will be diversified across all markets!

Financial Market Success

20% Knowledge + 10% Money Management + 70% Psychology

Knowledge can be obtained, however for the rest, experience is the best teacher. Therefore learning all of the above, from experienced traders is important!

So if you think you have what it takes to  be a trader, here are our carefully designed modules for you!

  • % Traders Losing Money
  • % Traders Earning Profit

Success Ratio in Trading


Basic Financial Market Primer

An introduction to the market dynamics

In-depth Technical Analysis

A crucial tool in armor of traders! Technical Analysis is the language using which strategies can be written!

Techno-Fundamental Conjunction

A basic fundamental check to avoid companies that can trap you!

Live Market Sessions

Looking at trades during the Live Markets!

Trading as a Business

Trade documentation, cost and return analysis

Psychological Analysis and Money Management

Your own psychology, if not trained, will destroy your trade!

Why traders choose us

Learn sitting at Home

Our modules are explained using actual market examples, taught by experts through LIVE webinars over a period of 2 months

International Markets Tracking

A sound system to track the data and happenings of all the global markets

Multiple Market Synergies

Our strategies are not dependent on any one market enabling us to trade in the market offering the best opportunities!

Importance of Money Management

  • Traders without Money Management
  • Traders with Money Management

Range of markets

Currency Derivatives

NSE Currency Derivatives Segment

Equity Markets

NSE &  BSE Equity Cash Segment

Equity Derivatives

NSE Equity Derivatives Segment

Commodity Markets

MCX Markets