Professional Trading Course is an innovatively built trader’s development programme.

This programme is developed by proprietory and institutional traders, with years of trading experience.

The aim of  this programme is to collaborate with bright minds,  to hone them into successful traders!

Trainer Profiles:

You will be trained by our team, which has years of trading experience in all the financial markets – Currency, Commodities and Equities!

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Mr. Janak Shah

Mr. Ritesh Chavan

Mr. Rahul Ingle

Mr. Jay Savla

Duration: 2 Months(Start Date: 30 September 2017)

Frequency: LIVE Online Webinars

Weekly Sessions(Knowledge Imparting Sessions)

Weekly Live Market Sessions(Practical Application)!

Fees: Professional Trading Program’s Cost: Rs. 17000+ 3060 GST = Rs.20060/-

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Phone: +91-8976304989, 8268095492

Timings: 10 am to 6pm.(Monday to Friday)