Equity Research Summer Project

Equity Research Summer ProjectIndustry Project

Project Mandate:
  • To collate and publish a sectoral research booklet called ‘Book of Profit 2018′
  • This is the 4th year of our Collaborative Research Project ! Over the years our Equity Research Live Projects has yielded some exceptional and insightful research!   As always, this time we will go a notch higher with our research mandate and produce a book that will cover all round sectoral research of a few sectors that we will be researching on this summer!
  • Students whose exceptional work will be utilised in the book,  will get due credit for the same.
  • The internship will entirely be administered on line. Students are not required to come to the office. However they are required to interact with The Money Roller team through weekly webinars. For more information please go through information provided below.
  • In the Equity Research Summer Project aspirants have to do an exhaustive comparative study of the companies/players within the sector.
  • Gather information through primary and secondary research and analyze different investment options and tools and there will be periodic submission.
  • The Money Roller’s objective: At the end the project students need to complete specific fundamental research work assigned to them related to the book (Due credit will be given to the students for their efforts)
  • Students objective:  To prepare equity research summer project report analyzing investment opportunities.


Upon successful completion of the project the students will get a Summer Internship Certificate that can be submitted by them for their academic requirements.

Enrollment: There are 2 ways to be a part of this project:
  • Scholarship model through colleges – where we tie up with colleges and pick the best students amongst them to work on the project
  • Open Model – Where any student can apply for the project by appearing for the test. On being selected, aspirants will work on the project but to ensure the quality of the final output, aspirants needs undergo our 8 week industry level Equity Research training by industry experts!
  • There is a nominal charge of Rs.4550/- that the selected students will have to pay for the step-by-step training.
  • The scholarship students do not need to pay any charges for being part of the project.
Project duration:

April Project:  7th April 2018 to 26th May 2018

May Project: 5th May 2018 to 23th June 2018

June Project: 9th Jun 2018 to 31st July 2018

  • Equity Research Summer Project is an 8-week online project where Industry experts will train the selected candidates in industry level equity research through series of 8 weekly webinars.
  • Each week students have to complete given assignment within the deadline and our booklet will get built step by step. In the end, a booklet will get published. At the same time, students will work on their equity research report to submit to their college. 
Few More Pointers related to Project details:
  • Students will do a detailed sector analysis with Top-down Approach.
  • Students will get to prepare and submit their own indigenous research findings based on mentoring of The Money Roller Research Team.
  • Statistical Data Mining & Analysis
  • Special training sessions on Financial Statement Analysis and Ratios
  • The data and research carried out during the project will be used by The Money Roller for internal research purposes.
  • Identification of investment opportunities for The Money Roller Investment arm, and come up with best recommendations.
Open Enrollment Process:
  1. Aspirants have to take 20 mins test
  2. The screening process is designed to test finance and accounting knowledge.
  3. Selection for the project is based on the clearance of the cut-off.
  4. Aspirants will get to know the result on the next working day.
Our Industry Experts will train the Students on:
  1. Overview of Equity, Currency, Commodities Market in India and Global.
  2. Industry Analysis – what to do and how.
  3. Comparative Analysis of different markets.
  4. Recent happenings in various sectors.
  5. Exhaustive Fundamental Analysis
  1. Experts sectoral sessions
  2. Live  weekly query resolving sessions
  3. Industry exposure and guidance from industry veteran
Skills get developed:
  1. Analytical Skills
  2. Exhaustive data mining
  3. Financial Data
  4. Logical Thinking
  5. Reasoning
  6. Report Writing

Students who get Equity Research Summer Project scholarship do not have to pay

Open Enrollment Process:

Students who join through open enrollment process have to pay a nominal charge of Rs. 4550/-. The charges cover the infrastructural costs to make the project available online and all the applicable taxes.

Project duration

8 weeks of webinar aided opportunity

April Project:  7th April 2018 to 26th May 2018

May Project: 5th May 2018 to 23th June 2018

June Project: 2nd Jun 2018 to 28th July 2018


Here are the details that will be mentioned on your certificate:

  1. Name Surname
  2. Unique Certificate ID: This is a unique number that distinguishes and authenticates your certificate! Employers can enter the Certificate ID and cross-check its authenticity on our website!
  3. Project Details: Sector and Company Covered
  4. Duration



These are the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get a certificate

  1. Candidate needs to submit all the ‘critical’ assignments within the specified deadlines
  2. The ‘critical’ assignments will be specified in the email correspondence when we give the assignments.
  3. If any delay is going to be there in submission, then the candidate must provide prior intimation to The Money Roller Team
  4. The research done by the student must be original and free from plagiarism, and the approval of the certificate will be provided by the mentors.
  5. Certificate issuing may take up to 30 days from the final date of project submission.


 If I have no major knowledge of finance, can i still apply?
Yes, you can apply. Our selection process is designed to check students with intent and basic skills. So any student having a financial acumen can give our test.
Will it be a full time virtual or part time online internship?
It will be Part -Time online, depending upon your understanding to the subject, you have to take roughly about 20 hours a week.
What is the online payment for and what sum are we supposed to pay? Why do we have to pay Rs.4550 to you if you are offering us an internship?
  • We usually have observed that Internship program doesn’t turn out to be a fruitful affair for the students since they are sidelined for real experience as Internship is a cost to the company.
  • We at The Money Roller do not wish our selected candidates to have such an experience with us. So we have a stringent selection process and upon selection, we strive to provide the best of our resources to our selected students.
  • Students would be trained for equity research through a web conferencing medium and there would a proper feedback channel set up for the students to address their issues related to the project.
  • To provide this kind of facility is a huge cost, therefore, we have decided to charge a minimal fee from the students who get selected, this fees (Rs:- 4550/-) is inclusive of charge of training, remuneration of industry mentors, infrastructure costs and all applicable taxes.
Can we work after our college hours?

This project is going be a 2-month program where we conduct sessions minimum once a week (i.e. mostly on weekends) through live webinars. We have noticed that on an average 15-16 hours per week should be sufficient for the student to allocate to the project.

What if I fail the test?

Work on the aspects which you feel that weren’t competent then you can apply for other projects in near future. We always welcome students who are eager to improve.

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