Testimonials by Students

  • Lawang Sharma

    Feeling Elated to have Known TMR and been given the chance to work with such an Amazing team. Words fall short to describe how enlightening and unparalleled the sessions were, as they mirrored the hard work and exertion taken by our Mentors just for us to have the best of knowledge, and Mentors need a special mention here for being so forbearing, calm , understanding and above all Inspiring. One can just gain from sessions like these, as Now i am feeling why did this 2 month knowledgeable period even get over ,as wanted to learn a lot more, it was a fun plus knowledge combo which made this even more interesting. Ritesh Sir you as a mentor , left no stone unturned in making us understand everything so well and inspiring us to the core, epitome of how mentors should be like. Really!!! I ll always be looking forward on being part of your team whenever I get the chance to do so!!! A 5 star to Tmr.!!!

  • Prashant Tandon

    Being just a B.B.A fresher I didn’t know all that I have come across in these past two months at Money Roller, it is not a place for the people who merely want some certificate or to write on their Resume that they have had an Equity Research, but this is a place to really benefit from, by having the market knowledge, market literacy and beyond everything this is the place to be if you want to know the reality of market. The research approach is one of the best approaches, you will have a fair global knowledge and domestic knowledge, you will be aware of the most of the economic activities and their impact on the stocks, you will have a fair and deep knowledge of your allocated company which will finally lead you to an investment decision. The best and experienced mentors and faculty who are very co-operative and helping. Thank you TMR for everything.

  • Shivam Saraf

    I interned with The Money Roller team on the Live Project as a Summer Intern. I consider it to have been one of the best decisions of my life. The experience was one of a lifetime and the opportunities to learn were uncountable. I am first year Economics Honours student and having been under the expert guidance of Mentors like Rahul Sir, Ritesh Sir and Janak Sir motivates you even more to give your best shot at everything. The Money Roller is one of those companies who care about what their students can gain out of the projects. Any student who wishes to trace a career path in the finance sector can learn and take most out of this internship. The Internship has prepared me for the future by instilling in me an attitude of finding the correct information without being a victim of fake and unreliable websites. This post cannot stress enough on what I have learnt throughout the internship but I would like to conclude by saying one thing. Through this internship you connect with mentors on whom you can rely throughout your life for any help, they are probably the best teachers who can install the roots of Equity Research so deep in you that it will help you stand out from the rest. Thank you TMR for this internship opportunity.

  • Gunjan Kumar Mishra

    For the first time i am having a strong eternal feeling to write a review. I am an MBA final year student at DMS,IIT(ISM), Dhanbad and my decision of getting my internship at The Money Roller is going to be one of the best decisions of my career. The initiative taken by The Money Roller is really going to change the research culture of India. I joined for the equity research live project and had really no prior idea about the things that i was supposed to perform in the next two months. Finally, at the end of the project it gives me immense reasons to thank whole dedicated team of The Money Roller for their really great effort to make me feel elevated in financial knowledge. The knowledge imparted by distinguished mentors proved very practical and interesting. I could never think of having a learning experience so interesting which happend to be true at The Money Roller.

  • Sanket Shalu

    As a student attending workshop conducted by money roller at IMT ghaziabad has been a great learning experience since i had no prior knowledge of technical analysis of stock markets. The concepts were very clearly and thoroughly explained during workshop sessions using real life examples of different stocks. It has immensely helped me to learn and grow as a beginner in stock markets.

  • Prasad Kulkarni

    It was a great experience and Joyful journey to work on Live Project with The Money Roller.I have learned lot of new things while working with team TMR. I am thankful to team The Money Roller for creating such a wonderful opportunity for us and making us more curious about Equity Market.

  • Gurpreet Singh Virdi

    The live project took my knowledge of finance to an extra mile by letting me practice what I learned. I took the derivatives live project and the learning was immense thanks to the constant support of the mentors. I recommend it to all the future financial analysts out there! Good luck!