Our Research Approach

Today the Indian Financial Research industry is in dire need of original researchers. What is being provided today in the name of the research is superficial data jumbling or even quite often time pre-decided propaganda.

While working in this industry for last few years, we have come to realize that there is a huge scarcity of good researchers and that is due to false researching values and faulty research methodology.

Therefore to change this status quo, in TMR we have adopted our very own research culture where there is emphasis on originality!

Yes!!! In TMR we believe in creating our own genuine research,  our analysts go as deep as they can to bring out the real picture and in the process they become experts of their domain.

The big question that came next was, where could we find out researchers with these qualities?  Where would we get researchers who carry out research in the right way?

While thinking on this problem we came to realize that we would need to train our own researchers! That too, in their budding years! That’s the precise reason we started a set of Live Projects.

During  the course of the Live Projects, young minds with their fresh approach will create new knowledge under the guidance of our industry experts!

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