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You can trade from anywhere in the world with just a basic laptop and internet connection! This knowledge if applied properly can enable you to live the life of your dreams and create a source of income that is larger than any primary source of income that you have!

The knowledge that you stand to gain  will enable you to trade across all of the above markets, whereby your income will not be dependent on just one market, your positions will be diversified across all markets!

Financial Market Success

20% Knowledge + 10% Money Management + 70% Psychology

Knowledge can be obtained, however for the rest, experience is the best teacher. Therefore learning all of the above, from experienced traders is important!

So if you think you have what it takes to  be a trader, here are our carefully designed modules for you!

  • % Traders Losing Money
  • % Traders Earning Profit

Success Ratio in Trading


Basic Financial Market Primer

An introduction to the market dynamics

In-depth Technical Analysis

A crucial tool in armor of traders! Technical Analysis is the language using which strategies can be written!

Live Market Sessions

Looking at trades during the Live Markets!

Psychological Analysis and Money Management

Your own psychology, if not trained, will destroy your trade!

Module Details

This module will teach you the language of the traders. Its the first building block that you will require in order to start your own professional trading setup!
At the end of this module, you will be equipped enough to identify the market and stock trends and also determine price targets!

Salient features of the beginners module:

This module will cover the followings

  • Basic Financial market primer
  • In depth Technical Analysis
    • Market Cycles
    • Dow Theory
    • Type of charts
    • Support & Resistance, Type, Use
    • Trend lines,
    • Trend Continuation Patterns
    • Trend Reversal Patterns
    • Candlesticks Patterns
    • Moving  Averages & Types
    • Leading Momentum Indicators
    • Lagging Momentum Indicators
    • Gaps
    • Fibonacci Trading
    • Volumes & 8 characteristics of volume
    • Market Cycle and Sector Rotation
    • How to use technical tools in the live market

This module takes you deep into live market trading. Your personality will start getting honed as a market trader.

This program will have 5 live market session. In live market sessions aspirants will learn to compliment their knowledge in the live market

Here is where you will to build a trading system, apply money management and learn the importance of the psychology in the trading.

Salient Features

  • Technical Trading system
  • Optimization through Money Management
  • How to trade in the zone: Psychology masterclass

Trainer’s Profiles:

You will be trained by our team, which has years of trading experience in all the financial markets – Currency, Commodities and Equities!

Click to see the complete profiles of our trainers!

Mr. Janak Shah

Mr. Ritesh Chavan

Mr. Rahul Ingle

Mr. Jay Savla


8  Live Training Sessions(On Weekends). 5 Live Market Sessions(On Weekdays) : Each session will be of min 2 Hours


Rs.7999/- only


Starts on 2nd Feb 2019

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Why traders choose us

Learn sitting at Home

Our modules are explained using actual market examples, taught by experts through LIVE webinars over a period of 3 months

Simplification of concepts

Simplification of the concept makes program suitable for all. Even for beginners.

Multiple Market Synergies

Our strategies are not dependent on any one market enabling us to trade in the market offering the best opportunities!

Importance of Money Management

  • Traders without Money Management
  • Traders with Money Management

Application in Range of markets

Currency Derivatives

NSE Currency Derivatives Segment

Equity Markets

NSE &  BSE Equity Cash Segment

Equity Derivatives

NSE Equity Derivatives Segment

Commodity Markets

MCX Markets

Be A Trader!